Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Educational Web Sites for Teachers

The Internet is a never-ending database of resources for anyone searching for basically anything. Everyone has their top lists, which usually vary monthly as trends change, new tools are developed, and web sites evolve. So we'll say for the month of December, here are 10 useful websites for teachers and students (in no particular order):

1. Tube Chop - is a huge online portal to any and every video imaginable. Just search by topic. While it can be highly inappropriate for some things, it can also serve as a great tool when used in the right way. Teachers can find ways to illustrate concepts, projects, subjects, and more.  A partner to You Tube, Tube Chop allows you to edit and "chop" any You Tube video, to make it acceptable for your students and parents to watch. In addition to security, it can also be used as a time saver, shortening a clip to maybe just the phrase or comment you are discussing in your class, especially when reviewing a speech. Copy the video from YouTube and paste the link in TubeChop, then follow the simple instructions.

2. Futureme,org - Send yourself an email and select the date you want to receive it.  What you type in the email is up to you. This can be extremely useful for reminders to yourself and students. Students can email themselves notes, assignment or test reminders, monthly goals, or even year-end goals, like grade expectations. Use it as a vocabulary word tool and refresher. The possibilities are endless.

3. Lit2Go - A huge list of authors and their works. Click on the author you are looking for (organized by alphabet). See a short summary of their biography and then options for accessing the actual book you'd like to read. You can download the book via audio, in PDF, and more. Most books are segmented by chapters. Students can read the actual work online and teachers can see the standards met when using this material.

4. Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator - This is a free math sheet creator. Click the types of problems you need and your math worksheet will be ready in minutes. You can choose how many problems per page, and the subject level from basic to advanced in each category. It's great for teachers and parents to continue math drills and help at home.

5. Cells Alive - An interactive gallery of biology topics with definition, cycle explanations, and illustrations. Students can search in cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and microscopy.  The animations are informative and the facts are explained in direct and simple ways of understanding.

6. Social Studies for Kids - A really comprehensive site of links to all things social studies and history. They offer changing fact sheets on the week in history, current events, and featured spotlights. Teachers can find book reviews on social studies topics, educational games by subject, maps, history, presidents, states, time, and so much more.

7. Word Smyth - An easy vocabulary word quiz maker. Free access allows you to use 15 words in your quiz question. Choose from children's, beginner, or advanced levels.

8. Why Files - This site provides a collection of online interactive science projects and concepts from making a snowflake and a rainbow to playing with lightning and controlling a tornado. There are well-written explanations of the science behind each concept.

9. Snag Learning - Educational videos by subject and grade level from K - college. Subjects including everything from children's programming and music to world culture and political science. Videos are provided by channels like National Geographic, PBS, and Sundance.

10. AlgeBasics - A great site for algebra tutorials and help on a long list of topics ranging from basics to ratios, factoring, linear equations, and radicals. If you click on a topic you will get an audio tutorial as well as a visual of the problem being solved.

We hope you found these useful. Internet4Classrooms strives to find the best online resources for educational use. And we'll continue to search as technology and classroom needs keep changing. Let us know if you have a favorite site of your own!

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