Monday, February 1, 2010

Diversity Lesson

While Internet4Classrooms is known for providing the best online resources to teach students of all grades and subjects, here is a simple project for parents and teachers that doesn't require a computer or an internet connection.

"We're All the Same Inside" - this is a lesson plan that has been used for years. This link is to the preschool version, but it is appropriate for all ages.

Supplies needed: some eggs and an open mind

Have children decorate the eggs and give them different color skin (or mix brown and white eggs), hair, and features. Then crack open the eggs. They are all the same inside!

Sometimes the simplest lessons are the easiest to teach.

We've heard stories of children doing this lesson in school and then showing it to their parents at home.

Feel free to share with us any other simple projects that illustrate diversity.

- Susan


  1. 0206.3.7 Find Unknown - is connected to repeated addition rather than finding an unknown in second grade math - algebra standards.

  2. Rushton, Thanks - we'll look into it and let you know when it is fixed.