Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“The Home Stretch” or Keeping Your Students with Spring Fever From Looking out the Window

Spring has finally sprung across the nation. Most states have completed their end of year assessment testing and parents, teachers and students are starting to look forward to the summer.

One question that a teacher may ask herself is, “How can I keep my students engaged and focused on the curriculum for the rest of the school year?” or parents may wonder, “How can I keep my children engaged in school, when all they want to focus on is the lure of their summer activities?”.

Just as Internet 4 Classrooms provides the best sources on the internet for various activities and resources, here are some links to information that will help you address “Spring Fever” whether in the classroom or at home.

  1. Keeping Students on Task as the Weather Warms Up!
  2. From a Homeschooling blog, an article about “Spring Fever” offers some ideas about getting the kids outdoors and engaging them in fun projects.
  3. Read about the importance of having a little fun and rewarding hard work, great article for high school kids and college students.

Also, check out Summer Teaching Opportunities for Teachers to help you plan for your summer.

Feel free to comment and add sources to this list and share the strategies and activities that you use to keep your students engaged.

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